I show schools, businesses and organizations how to use democratic principles and practices to unleash human potential and create a more engaging environment in which all people can work and learn.

I’ve been able to share ideas at two different TEDx events, both of which you can check out below:

I have spoken to groups of students, elected officials, educators, business leaders, and social entrepreneurs. Email me for my speaking fee and other information via my contact page.

Speaking Topics

To differing degrees, based on the interest(s) of the audience, I can speak about democratic principles, youth voice, the public purpose of public education, and/or how to create powerful learning environments. Here are a few general themes to get you thinking. But, as always, contact me to explain your specific goals and we can talk about it.

  • Creating a Democratic Learning Community – How do organizational leaders – whether they’re school principals, teachers, or CEOs – create an optimal learning environment that gives everyone a voice and creates a more productive and democratic workplace? What are the foundations of such an environment, and how can communities get started?
  • Sensing The Systems That Hold Us Prisoner – What are the primary roadblocks that prevent us from aligning our internal passions with our external actions? Why do these roadblocks remain invisible to so many of us? How can we make the invisible visible in order to unleash human potential?
  • Linking Policy to Practice – How can we connect the on-the-ground insights of educators and young people with the policy conversations that typically take place at 30,000 feet? What needs to happen in order to ensure that education policies actually empower educators to support the learning needs to children – and not hinder them from doing so?
  • Balancing Individual Rights and Civic Responsibilities – Currently, we live in a society where too many of us have an overdeveloped sense of individual rights and an underdeveloped sense of civic responsibilities. What needs to happen in order to restore an appropriate civic balance that will help us create unity in the interest of our diversity, instead of at the expense of it?
  • Working with the Forces of Change – More often than not, major change initiatives fail to bring about the cultural shift necessary for a new way of being to take root in an organization. Why does this happen, and what can be done to increase the likelihood that a healthy, high-functioning organizational culture can be nurtured for the long-term?
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