I work directly with several organizations, all of which share my commitment to building capacity around the understanding and use of democratic principles, developing optimal learning environments, and helping people find their voice.

Ashoka (

Since 1980, Ashoka has been working to ensure that the leading ideas for social change are fully developed and sustained. It has designed an approach that offers critical interventions on three levels—the individual, the group, and the sector. Ashoka does this by identifying and investing in leading social entrepreneurs; engaging communities of entrepreneurs and developing patterns of effective collaborations that change entire fields; and creating needed infrastructure, such as access to social financing, bridges to business and academic sectors, and frameworks for partnerships that deliver social and financial value.

Faces of Learning (

Faces of Learning is a national grassroots engagement initiative that aims to help everyone — young and old, educator and non-educator, Democrat and Republican — see more clearly what powerful learning actually looks like (and requires). Its mission is to help build the capacity needed to support those high-quality learning environments. The campaign creates virtual and physical spaces for people to reflect on four essential questions that are almost completely absent from the current national conversation about school improvement: How do people learn? How do I learn? What does the ideal learning environment look like? How can we create more of them?


At the Institute for Democratic Education in America (IDEA), a national network of activists and educators are working to mobilize action to advance meaningful learning and build a more just and sustainable democracy. IDEA’s goal is to strengthen the capacity of young people, educators, and communities by building relationships, identifying powerful learning spaces, and sharing the highest quality resources. Instead of promoting a “one size fits all” approach to educational change, IDEA works to transform the U.S. educational system in ways that honor, rather than wash away, the complexities of different communities. IDEA helps show what powerful learning looks like today and what it can look like in 25 years, and creates the pathways so eventually all young people get access to that learning every day, everywhere.

WONDER, By Design (

WONDER, BY Design (WxD) is a multidisciplinary design studio that is unapologetically curious about the future of learning. WxD takes on a variety of learning and design expeditions. Sometimes it gets approached to explore questions, facilitate experiences, solve problems, or design. Sometimes it teams up on something ‘from scratch’ that neither partner could have imagined on their own. And sometimes it just experiments on its own. Much of WONDER’s work in architectural. Then again, much of it isn’t. But all of it is fueled by design.

WorldBLU (

Founded in 1997, the purpose of WorldBlu is to unleash human potential and inspire freedom by championing the growth of democratic organizations worldwide. Our vision is to build a more democratic world, one organization at a time, and our goal is to see the creation of 20,000 democratic workplaces around the world by 2020. We inspire and support this global movement by offering a range of programs and services that enable business leaders to design, develop, and lead the most successful democratic organizations in the world.

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