What Should We Make of Tony Bennett’s Resignation?

Beats me. But for what it’s worth, here he is arguing with me about modern school reform on FOX News back in 2011.

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    Sam! You hit it when you were talking about PISA. The question is not WHAT are we teaching our children to think it is about HOW are we teaching our children to think? AS YOU know, the world our kids will be graduating into will be one of constant change. With an education system programmed back in the Industrial Age, how can we even begin to prepare our children for the new age that is now!? Kids would be better off given a blank paper (or canvas) than a multiple choice test than asked to fill in the bubbles and pick the one right answer. There is NO one right answer-and any answer we THOUGHT was right is so obviously not…how do we open space, let go of the old, for the new earth, the new paradigm that will allow for innovation, creativity, and problem solving? It starts with an complete overhaul of the education system. Thank YOU for being a HUGE part of that change. You know how to reach me… Whitney (Gilbert) Freya

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