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This is what an American revolutionary looks like

Imagine if all schools were structured to inspire similar self-transformation?

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The Learning Revolution, Circa 2012

Six years ago, a funny Englishman gave a stirring speech about how schools were stifling the creativity of their students. Today, Sir Ken Robinson is a worldwide celebrity, and his TED talk has been seen by as many as 100 million people.

How did that happen, exactly? And what is the state of the learning revolution Robinson urged us to launch?

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This is the Future of Learning

Some of the not-so-subtle Ericcson pitches may throw you off, but don’t let them. This video is worth twenty minutes of your time, as a way to see what’s coming — and why we should not be afraid. You may also want to check out this weekend’s story in the New York Times about MOOC’s […]

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NYC Innovation Tour

Those of you living in the NYC area have a cool opportunity worth taking advantage of this coming April. IDEA, aka the Institute for Democratic Education in America, is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that all young people can engaged meaningfully with their education and gain the tools to build a […]

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